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Hello! This is the site of the Grodno Clubhouse “New horizons”.

Clubhouse is a social service for people with mental illnesses, the model of which is described in the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs.

It is based on organizing an orderly working day, respecting the rights of the individual and the dignity of each person, respecting the principles of equality and mutual responsibility of members and employees of the Clubhouse for the effectiveness of the rehabilitation process.

“New horizons” Clubhouse opened in early 2017. Our activities are focused on the rehabilitation of people with features of mental health. Clubhouse help them to restore a sense of self-worth, to define new horizons for their possibilities, to return to an active social live, and if possible to work.

The Clubhouse project is implemented by the public organizations “Belarusian Association of social workers”, with financial support of German partners (Fund for Assistance to Persons with Disabilities «Action-Man», Der Paritätische in Bayern).

Clubhouse provides each member:

  • Place where you can regularly come.
  • Employment and concrete work that are significant for him, constant social environment.
  • Well-organized and developing relationships with people.

Criteria for admission to the Clubhouse:

  • Diagnosis: schizophrenia, schizotypic and delusional disorders, mood disorders.
  • Age: over 18 years.
  • Absence of aggression in behavior, a stable condition that does not require being in the hospital.
  • The opportunity to come to the Clubhouse on your own and monitor the taking of medicines.

In the Clubhouse “New horizons” there are the following sections: office section, section of employment and education and service section.